The member engagement report gives you the opportunity to run a report showing member involvement and activity relating to events and e-commerce so that you can make smarter business decisions when it comes to your members.

The Report

At its core, the report shows whether your members have shown any engagement, defined as attending an event or purchasing something from your Ecommerce store, within a defined time period. If the member has just one event registration or Ecommerce purchase during the time period, the member is considered as "engaged."

For trade associations where a company is the member, the report looks one level down the family tree to the company's staff. If just one person on that company's staff has registered for an event or made an Ecommerce purchase, then the company is considered "engaged."

The Benefits

Find out which members are engaged in attending your events and purchasing your products, as well as members who aren't. Then, you'll be able to create a marketing plan to those not engaged or reward those who are!

Components of the Report

The member engagement report will show you all of the following:

  • Percentage of members engaged in events and e-commerce
  • Percentage of members not engaged in events and e-commerce
  • A list of all member engaged
  • A list of all members not engaged
  • The member information: name, type, billing address, shipping address, and open balance - as well as the option to add custom fields.
  • The last event and last event name the member was registered for
  • The last order and last order # purchased by the member

To run this report, simply head to the Reporting tab on the backend and click on Member Engagement.

Things to Note:

  • The report will pull from the beginning of the year until the current date as a to ensure that accurate data is expressed in your percentages. This date range is just the default range.
  • E-commerce engagement relating to members includes the customer and sub-customers (one level down)
  • Events engagement relating to members includes the customer and sub-customers (one level down)
  • Percentages are based on the number of dues paying members and their sub-customers meeting the events and commerce criteria, over the number of dues paying members. Deleted records are not factored into this report.

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