Wondering how to change the subject and body content that accompany invoices sent from Novi? When sending an invoice from Novi there are two different types of email templates:

  1. Novi's Smart Renewal Notices emails - If you're sending invoices related to membership renewals, check out this article for steps to edit the message(s).
  2. QuickBooks Invoice email - If you're sending an invoice for an event registration, a product purchase, or dues for a new member, then follow the steps below to update the QuickBooks Invoice email.

Edit the QuickBooks Invoice Email

In QuickBooks, follow these steps to edit the message settings and verbiage:

  • Click on the big gear settings icon in the upper right corner
  • Select "Account and Settings"
  • Select the Sales tab on the left toolbar
  • In the Messages section, click on "Default email message sent with sales forms"

QuickBooks Settings:

Edit the Default Email Message Sent with Sales Forms:

  • You can also edit the verbiage for reminder emails. This is located directly under the Messages section (from above).

Edit the Default Email Message Sent with Reminders:

Please note that previously sent invoices will retain the default message that it was originally sent with.


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