Allow your members to find exactly who they're looking for quickly in your member directory by changing the order of your member directory custom filters.

First off, it's important to note that the Member Type, Area of Expertise and Has Special Offer filters on your directory are locked in to the first three spots on the dropdown menu and their order cannot be changed.

Below those three fields, you will be able to reorder any additional custom filters that you create for your member directory.

To change the order of your custom member directory filters:

  1. Go to the Fields > Sections area on the backend.
  2. Next, create a folder by typing the name in the Add New Section field (top right), and click the + button to add it to the list. This "section name" will not show on the member directory filter - this is just for organization on the backend.
  3. After you create the custom fields within the new folder you just created, you can drag and drop each field by order of importance.

Your member directory filters will now be displayed in the order that you set them up in the Member Directory filters dropdown on your website.

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