Leadership Roles are a great way to highlight people and/or companies within your website. These sections allow you to pull records currently in your database and feature them on a static page. 

The information in the roles pull automatically from the record information on the backend, including phone, email, name, headshot/logo, and more. Note that if this information does not exist, it can not appear within a leadership role - this is especially important for headshots/logos. If a record does not have one, the circular area will appear with a default image.

Read on to find out more about how you can use Novi's Leadership Roles feature! This article covers:

  • Creating a new Leadership Role
  • Adding and removing people
  • Changing the display order of people within a Leadership Role
  • Featuring a Leadership Role on a static page
  • Changing the display order of multiple Leadership Roles on a static page
  • Linking to a Leadership Role Banner from another static page


Create a Leadership Role:

  • In the admin section, navigate to Members > Leadership Roles
  • Click the Add Leadership Role button. 
  • The New Leadership Role modal will pop-up:
  • Enter a Name for the Leadership Role.
  • Select the records from the database to be featured in the role by typing in a name > select the name from the drop-down > enter a Position title (optional) > click + Add.
  • Give the Leadership Role a Description (optional). 

The Name, Description and People will be displayed in this order:


Add People to a Leadership Role:

Existing leadership roles can be edited by clicking on the leadership role's name on the main page. The same options as above will apply.


Remove People from a Leadership Role:

To remove someone from an existing Leadership Role, open the Edit modal on the backend, find the person's name in the Users list, and click the Remove button next to their name.


Change the Display Order of People in a Leadership Role:

Open the Leadership Role on the backend. Move your cursor over the dots on the left side of the name you want to move. Then click and drag/drop to the correct position. Save & Close.


Feature a Leadership Role on a Static Page:

  • Navigate to the page that you'd like the leadership role to appear.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the admin bar. 

  • In the Leadership Roles to Display section, select the name of the leadership role.
  • Click the Save & Close button.

Your leadership role will look similar to page below, featuring the records chosen. Hovering over a record will reveal their contact information. Clicking on a record will navigate to the record's profile page.


Change the Display Order of Multiple Leadership Roles on a Static Page:

  • Navigate to the page where the Leadership Roles are displayed.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the admin bar. 
  • In the Leadership Roles to Display section, drag and drop the roles into the correct order.
  • Click the Save & Close button.


Leadership Role Banners have unique IDs so you can link directly to a Leadership Role from a static page. This is very similar to the anchor functionality and is great for a page that has multiple Leadership Roles displayed. Users can click the link and jump down to the Leadership Role they want to view.

To link to a Leadership Role Banner, you can insert a link on the static page and enter the URL starting with # and then the ID.

The ID is the Leadership Role name, lowercase with spaces removed. For example:

  • Leadership Role Name = Board of Directors
  • Leadership Role Banner ID = board-of-directors

In this example, the URL would be #board-of-directors. Or, if you're linking to the role somewhere outside of your site, you'd use www.website.com/pagename/board-of-directors.


Items of Note

  • Leadership Roles are only compatible with regular static pages, not pre-formatted pages such as events, product pages, blog posts etc.
  • Leadership Roles are always displayed at the bottom of the static page, below the main content area.
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