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Start Here: Guide To Committees
Start Here: Guide To Committees

Learn the basics of creating and managing committees in Novi

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Committees are an important piece of association involvement, and Novi is here to help automate your committee tracking and engagement! Novi's committee module allows you to easily create, manage, and take action with your committees.

Get started with the articles and information below!

Quick Committee Glossary:

Beneficiary: Someone who receives access to committee-only content and benefits solely because of their relation to a committee member. A beneficiary does not have term dates - they are reliant on the status of their related committee member.

Committee Member: A record that has been added to a committee and given a specific role and term dates within the committee. This is separate from someone being a member of the association.

Eligibility: An optional conditional setting that allows Novi to automatically determine whether a committee member is eligible to receive committee benefits or not. For example, you may want members of the committee to ALSO need to be current members of the association.

Public Role: Settings that determine where and how your committee appears on the frontend.

Role: The position of the committee member within the committee i.e. chair, vice chair, etc.

Term: The length of time a committee member is active on the committee. These may be 1 year in legth or multi-year terms depending on your set up. For example, someone may serve on the committee from January 1 (Term Start) - December 31 (Term End).

Unique Terms: Each separate term a committee member serves. If someone served from 1/1/2022 - 12/31/2022 and 1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023, those are two separate, unique terms.

Getting Started - Guide to Committees:

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