Adding an image to a page on your Novi AMS website should be pretty straightforward. Before uploading your image, you'll want to get familiar with these tips and tricks for formatting images.

This video will walk you through adding an image to a page and styling it so that text will wrap around it. You'll even learn how to round off the corners to make an oval or circle.

Alt Text for Images

In the "Insert/Edit Image" modal, we highly recommend adding text to the Image Description field to improve search engine optimization and website accessibility. Note: This is not the same as adding a caption to the image.

Responsive Images

If your image is wider than about 800 pixels, it could display wider than normal for your mobile website visitors. If that happens, you may want to consider adding a little code to that image.

To do that, go to Tools > Source Code

Find the image in the code and add class="img-responsive" between the file name and the alt style.

For example: <img src=" " class="img-responsive" alt="" style="margin: 20px auto;" />

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