If you are creating a new page on your website, or updating a current one, choosing the right template style is critical to your member's user experience (U/X) and overall legibility for the page itself. 

There are three template options to choose from in Novi: Default, Full Width and Header Photo. 

Read on to find out which template to select, based on the type of content you have.

Default Template

Best For: Text-heavy pages where other images may or may not be present within the copy.
Content Box Size: 800 pixels wide (desktop, approximately)

Having the right amount of characters on each line is key to the readability of your text. Take, for example, the text you are reading right now. The width of the content plays a key role in making this content easy to read. You can read why in this article by the Baymard Institute.

If your page primarily consists of text, you will want to select the default-template as it's pre-formatted to display less text per line making it easier for your website visitors to read. 

(Default template)

Full Width Template

Best For: Image/Graphic Heavy Pages
Content Box Size: 1200 pixels wide (desktop, approximately)

If you are looking to embed a video, photo albums or any other content that is going to be graphic-heavy, full-width could be a good option to us. It allows you to go "widescreen" on desktop and show more real estate on the page.

As mentioned above, this option is not best when using a lot of text, as you will exceed the optimal width for text legibility and it could cause visitors to "bounce" from the page.

(Full-width template)

Header Photo

Similar to the default template, the header photo is a good option for text-heavy content. If your webpage consists of primarily text and no other images, the header photo places a nice panoramic default photo in the background of the page to add some visual interest to the page itself. 

AE Tip: To change the default image photo for this template, head over to Association Settings > Static Content > Header Photo Template Background Image

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