In the "Membership Information" section under the Details tab of a member's record, there are several fields used to track and maintain a member's status and ongoing renewals. Here's what each of them means.

Member Type

This drop-down field shows which of your association's member types this member belongs to. Changing this field could result in a change in membership status and dues rules.

Original Join Date

This is an optional field used for tracking when a member first joined. If there has been a lapse in membership, this date will be different from the "Current Membership Since" date.

Current Membership Since

The date the current membership term started. 

Membership Expires

For current members, this is the date that the current membership term should run through. For expired members, this is the date of expiration.

Please note that this field is extremely important in your database as it determines:

Renew Membership

If the member is expired and wants to rejoin, you can select this option to manually renew their membership and charge for dues (if applicable).

Auto-Renew Membership

This field tells Novi whether or not to auto-renew that specific member record. If you leave this checked on, this member record will follow the renewal rules found in the member type settings. If a member calls and tells you that they will not be renewing their membership for the next term, you can uncheck this option so that they do not receive a renewal invoice when the time comes.

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