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Non-Renew and Credit

Learn how to drop members that have not paid their dues invoices.

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While most members will pay their outstanding dues invoices, there are always a few who will not. At some point in time, association staff will decide that a particular member or a group of members should be "dropped" from the membership roster. 

In Novi AMS, the way to process drops for unpaid members is with "non-renew & credit."

Remember that when a membership auto-renews, two things happen:

  1. An invoice is created

  2. The member's expiration is moved forward to the next year.

Non-Renew & Credit is used when a member hasn't paid their dues invoice and admins essentially want to un-do that renewal (dropping the member, in essence).

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Non-Renew & Credit handles the entire rollback while creating the proper accounting transactions.

The part that removes membership is referred to as Non-Renew. Many calendar-year based associations refer to this as their "annual drops." 

When Non-Renew is initiated, the member's expiration date is rolled back to the previous expiration date (or removed if a new member since no previous expiration exists, making them a Prospect)

Depending on the member type's settings, Non-Renew can immediately remove member benefits for members as well as for those inheriting member benefits.


The other side to this feature is the Credit. Novi will trigger QuickBooks Online to create a credit memo to offset the original dues revenue booked when the invoice was created.

This adds a layer of detail and transparency to accounting records and it keeps financial reports clear and concise.

If a member chooses not to renew and has an open dues invoice, the Novi team highly suggests not deleting the dues invoice from QuickBooks Online, as doing so could alter financial reporting from previous periods. Trust us, no one wants to report X dollars for January's income to a board only to revise the number down a few months later!

Non-Renew & Credit functionality was designed to handle these scenarios and is recommended to use.


When credit memo is created to offset a dues invoice, the credit memo will reference the specific QuickBooks items (product or service) referenced on the original dues invoice. This will debit the exact same revenue or deferred revenue accounts that the original invoice credited. Ultimately, the P&L shows a net effect of zero, unless the invoice date and credit date fell in different time periods.

How To Non-Renew & Credit

Processing in Batch

To Non-Renew & Credit dues invoices in batch:

  • Go to Accounting > Transactions on the backend of Novi.

  • From there, use the Filter drop-down to identify dues invoices that are overdue.

  • Add additional filters as needed.

  • Select all invoices or manually select specific invoices to Non-Renew & Credit.

    • NOTE: You must do 25 at a time. Change the number of invoices displayed by using the gear icon on the right-hand side.

  • Once the actual invoices are selected, click the Batch Actions drop-down, then select Non-renew & credit.

Processing a Single Dues Invoice

The Non-Renew & Credit button is available on open dues invoices.

After clicking the Non-Renew & Credit button (see below), click the "X" in the top right of the modal or "Close" in the bottom left of the modal to close without sending an email.

This action can also be initiated from the Details tab of the record the invoice is billed to.

The "Non-Renew" Transaction Status

When it comes to the transaction status of Non-Renew & Credited invoices, QuickBooks Online considers the status of these transactions as Paid. In most cases, a zero-dollar payment is automatically created to link the credit memo with the outstanding invoice.

However, we wanted to be sure that you have a clear view of your transactions in Novi, so the transactions in this scenario will appear with a status of "Non-Renew" throughout Novi.

Non-Renew & Credit is a Novi feature.
QuickBooks Online will still show the invoice as PAID when Non-Renew and Credit is used.

The Non-Renew status will appear:

  • Admin - Transactions Page List View

  • Admin - Member Detail Accounting Tab

  • Admin - Recent Signups

  • Admin - As A Transaction Status Fiter

  • Members - Member Compass Accounting Tab

Important Items of Note:

  • The Renew status will only appear if the invoice is credited inside of Novi by using the Non-Renew & Credit functionality.

  • Invoices credited inside of QuickBooks Online will NOT appear with the Non-Renew status in Novi.

    • This is intentional, as there may be times a credit memo is used, but not as a write-off. Please consult your bookkeeper/accountant for further information on the accounting side of things.

  • Invoices themselves are generated by QuickBooks Online. Therefore, if the invoice is printed, it will say PAID.

  • When invoices are Non-renewed & Credited as a Batch action on the Transactions page, a copy of the credited invoice is not automatically sent to the member. The reasoning for this is because QuickBooks shows the invoice as "Paid" which can be confusing to the member.

  • If an invoice with a Non-Renew status is selected as part of a Batch Action to Email Transactions, a modal will open asking for confirmation to email the non-renewed invoices.

  • A Non-Renew & Credit action can only be completed on a dues invoice once. If the member reaches out after they've been Non-Renewed & Credited asking to pay their dues to reinstate membership, we recommend leaving the old invoice as-is and renewing the member from the Details tab of their record. This will create a new dues invoice (or receive payment with credit card/ACH at the time of membership creation, which will create a sales receipt).

Renew a dropped/expired member:


Note that this functionality is only available for open dues invoices. Once a dues invoice is paid or partially paid, for security reasons any action to non-renew the member must be handled manually both in QuickBooks Online (refund if necessary) and in Novi (change expiration date).

If paid or partially paid invoices are selected as part of a batch action to non-renew and credit, a notice will appear identifying which invoices were skipped.

There is also a possible exception if member types have any optional dues rules (like PAC or Foundation contributions). Reference this article for more information on when this applies - Option #2 prevents Non-Renew & Credit and recalculation of the invoice (but only if an optional item is removed).

A Note on Seat-Based Dues Invoices

If needing to make changes to a member company that has seat-based dues, please refer to the corresponding article for more detailed information:

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