Where to Receive Payment

There are a few different places within the backend of Novi where you can receive a payment:

1. The Quick Create button (looks like a plus sign) in the top center, accessible almost everywhere on the backend

2. Go to Accounting > Transactions > click the Receive Payment button (top right)

3. When viewing invoice details in a pop-up modal, click the Receive Payment button (top right next to the Balance Due)

  • This is applicable anywhere on the website where you can view an invoice, including the Transactions section, on a specific record, on an event attendee list, etc.

4. Click Receive Payment in the Action column underneath the caret symbol.

  • This is applicable in both the Accounting > Transactions section and on a particular member record's Transactions tab.

How To Receive Payment

Once you have navigated to the Receive Payment screen, simply fill out the fields in the modal.

  • The first two options mentioned above will open a blank Receive Payment screen.

  • The last two options will open the screen with the particular customer and invoice number already selected.

  • Select your customer in the drop-down, or click the button to Find by Invoice No.

  • The Payment Date is automatically set to the current date, but you can edit this if needed.

  • Select the Payment Method - cash, check, card, etc. Note: Available payment methods pull from the payment methods that are set up in your QuickBooks Online account. If receiving payment by credit card, the system will ask for credit card information.

  • Feel free to include a Reference Number (optional).

  • Enter the Amount Received.

  • Select the Invoice(s) to apply the payment to (if not already done) by checking the boxes in the first column.

  • Enter a Memo (optional).

  • Choose Save & Close or Save & Add New.

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