Payment Methods in QuickBooks (and Novi AMS)

Learn how to edit or create new Payment Methods in QuickBooks Online.

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Does your list of payments look like this?

Whether you're in Novi AMS or QuickBooks, the contents of this drop-down come from the Payment Methods list inside of QuickBooks Online.

  • Access this list in QuickBooks by clicking on the "big gear" settings icon in the upper right > under Lists click on All Lists > then select Payment Methods (or click here).

Create New Payment Method

Once you navigate to the list of Payment Methods in QuickBooks (see above), click the New button. A modal will appear, where you can enter the information and click Save.

Edit Existing Payment Method

Through the action column, you will be able to edit each payment method. 

If you would like to merge one method into another, just rename the method you would like to merge from to the exact name of the record you would like to merge to. 

Look familiar? Merging payment methods works just like merging Members/Customers, Vendors, and GL Accounts.

How to determine if it’s a credit card payment type or not

If you're trying to receive a check payment in Novi, but the payment modal is requiring credit card information for the payment method you select (or vice versa), consider creating a new payment method. 

  • First, go to QuickBooks and look at your list of payment methods to see if the one you need already exists.

  • If not, create a new one (e.g. "N-EFT").

  • Be sure to uncheck the box for "This is a credit card" (see screenshot above) if it will be used for check payments.

  • After saving the new payment method, it will sync over to Novi (if not immediately, within a few minutes).

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