In addition to a Primary Contact, individuals can also be set as the Billing Contact of a particular company in your database. 

Why Include A Billing Contact?

  • They will also be able to view and pay transactions billed to the company, company staff, and related sub-companies when they are logged in to their Member Compass.

If your member utilizes a billing system where invoices need to go to a certain accounting email that is not necessarily tied to a person, you may consider creating a person record named "Billing Contact" or "Accounts Payable" with the correct email under the company and set that record as the Billing Contact. 

NOTE: One person can be the billing contact of multiple related companies. The primary contact of a company can also be the billing contact.

How To Set A Billing Contact

Outside of data import, you can update the Billing Contact of a company on the Staff tab of its record.

  1. Navigate to the record's Staff tab.
  2. Find the row for the person who should be labeled as the Billing Contact.
  3. Click on the caret symbol on the righthand side of the person's row, in the Action column.
  4. Select Make Billing Contact.

Novi Billing Contact Does Not Equal Person's Name On A QuickBooks Record

Please note, a person's name on a company's record in QuickBooks does not apply as the Novi Billing Contact. 

In Novi, the Billing Contact is a separate individual record that is attached to the company. 

For example, on this QuickBooks record...

Jane Smith would NOT be considered a billing contact in Novi. 

QuickBooks Online doesn't have the direct concept of a "Billing Contact" like Novi does. They allow you to add a First/Last Name to a company record (as you can see above), but that will not translate over to become a Novi billing contact record and is not necessary. 

If you were to update the contact information on that specific person's record in QuickBooks, that would sync to Novi - but on the billing contact's individual record, not the company's record.

We do encourage you to always send transactions via Novi so that the business rules of where to send the transaction may be followed.

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