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Attach One Person to Multiple Unrelated Companies
Attach One Person to Multiple Unrelated Companies

Learn how to link one person to multiple companies that are not in the same family tree.

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If one person needs to be associated with multiple organizations that are not related, the individual will need separate records and user account logins in order to access each of the organizations.

Example Scenario
Someone is the President of two separate organizations and they want to be able to log in to your website under both companies.

Setup in Novi
In the example above, the individual will need to have two profiles in Novi. To set this up:

  • Create two individual records on the backend.

  • The First, Last, and Display Names can be the same on both records.

  • Assign a different Parent Company to each record.

  • Each profile will need a unique User Account Email (located on the Settings tab of each record).

  • The Professional Contact Email can be the same on both records if they want to receive all communications in the same place, but this could lead to confusion since their login email will be different. This is up to you and the member - just make sure they understand the difference between "contact" and "user account" emails.

  • In order for the member to be able to update the company profiles, follow the process to Grant Management Access on each company's record.

If the organizations are related, the individual can have one record (and one login) and be set as the Primary and/or Billing Contact on each company profile. Learn more in the Attach One Person as the Primary or Billing Contact for Multiple Related Companies article.

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