Merging Records in Novi

1. Find the Members You Want to Merge

  • The search box is a helpful tool for locating the two records you'd like to merge.
  • Inside the member data, check the records that you'd like to merge.

2. Merge

  • Inside of batch actions, select "Merge records."
  • Only two records can be merged at a time. To merge more than two member records, simply repeat the merge process multiple times.

3. Determine "Winning" & "Losing" Data

  • Pressing "Merge records" will open up the modal below.
  • Choose which data you want to keep from Record One and which you want to keep from Record Two.
  • When merging two "person" records, don't forget to keep the correct User Account so the person can continue to login to the site.
  • Click the "Merge Records" button to save, and the records are merged.

NOTE: If any staff members you are moving over were the primary/billing contact on a record, you'll have to give them that access again once the merge is complete.



Companies vs. People

Only records of the same "Company" or "Person" status can be merged. If you are attempting to merge a company record and a person record, you will notice that the system will prevent this by gray-ing out the merge button. 

To update this, simply change the record that should actually be a person or company by going to the record > Settings > click "This customer is actually a company (or person)" and the record will automatically update. You will then be able to proceed with the merge.

Parent/Child Relationship

If one record is the parent of the other, an error will occur during the merge. In this case, remove the parent relationship and try the merge again.


When to Merge Records in QuickBooks

In certain circumstances, merges must be initiated within QuickBooks:

  • When both companies have deposits and/or sales receipts associated with them.
  • When books are closed, limiting Novi's access to them.

Learn how to merge records in QuickBooks.

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