Need some help when working in Novi? No problem! Simply click Help in the upper right corner of the admin side of your website, and you’ll see three options: Help Articles, Novi Notes, and Contact Novi.

  • Help Articles takes you directly to our collection of over 580+ articles.
  • Novi Notes will open a separate page in the backend for your team to keep important process-related notes (read below to learn more).
  • Contact Novi opens the Intercom Messenger, where you can send us a message.


What are "Novi Notes"?

Novi Notes is a dedicated page on the backend designed to be used for documenting processes that are specific to your organization.

The content area is fully editable for easy reading, and admins have the ability to add text, images, links, and other content as needed.

This isn’t intended to hold notes about specific members (remember: you have the timeline for that!), but rather, notes that will help you and your team streamline and remember your important Novi processes.

For example, you may add a note about special billing procedures, nuanced event setup, or other helpful tips for your teammates when working in the Novi system.


  • Association Admins and Novi Admins have full editing privileges.
  • Limited Admins can view the content, but will not have the option to edit.
  • Changes are tracked in the Audit log.

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