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Transferring Event Registrations Between Events
Transferring Event Registrations Between Events
What to do when you need to move an event registration from one event to another.
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The Scenario

You have a member who signed up for a class being held in February, but can no longer make it. She wants to move her registration to the class being held in March. 

The Solution

Method 1: Cancel and Re-register

Essentially, you should view this scenario the same as you would a cancellation. In a literal sense, you can just cancel the first registration and treat the new registration as a completely separate entity.

You can cancel the first registration by going to the event, finding the attendee, and clicking "Cancel" under the action tab. This will bring up a "Cancel Registration" modal. You will see that you are about to create a credit memo (without a cancellation fee) for the amount of the registration that will cover the first registration.

If the member already paid for the first class, the credit memo will live on that member's ledger. When you register them for the new event and create an invoice, you can then apply that credit memo to the new invoice in Quickbooks.

Short version: 1. Cancel the first registration 2. Create a new registration 3. Apply the credit memo to that invoice

Method 2: Canceling an Invoice

When you cancel the first registration, just make sure that you don't refund it in QuickBooks. The invoice will stay on the customer record. When you go to register the member for the next class, use a promo code to discount the new registration.

If you are worried that you already sent the first invoice and  don't want to have to try to get it back, you may want to try voiding the invoice that you sent. Contrary to deleting the invoices, this ensures that the record is still visible. Then, let the system create the new invoice for the new registration, and apply the payment when you receive it to the new invoice. 

NOTE: Choosing a method is a business decision, however, method 1 will leave cleaner books.

Method 3: Canceling a Credit Card

Start by clicking cancel on the attendee row.

In the pop-up modal, charge a cancellation fee of the amount of the ticket for the first registration so that no refund is issued. 

Then, create the new registration in Novi - either by using a 100% off promo code or by generating an invoice and manually adjusting it to zero in QuickBooks.

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