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Register Attendees for Events as an Admin
Register Attendees for Events as an Admin

Learn how to register attendees for events from the backend of Novi.

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Learn how members can register themselves for events.
Bulk Register Attendees for Events as an Admin

Registering attendees for events on the backend is easy! Navigate to the Events section on the backend and select the Events tab. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click to Register Attendee

There are multiple places on the backend where admins can create a new registration for an attendee. 

  • On the main "Events" list

In the Action column (far right), click the "Register" link.

  • Navigate to the "Attendees" tab

On the Attendees tab of the event, click the plus sign (+).

  • "New" Button

In the upper right corner of the event, click the New button and select "Registration" from the drop-down.

Step 2: Enter Registration Info

Clicking one of the items above will bring up the Add a New Registration modal where you will be able to enter the registration info. It will look like this:

From here, enter the following registration info:

1. Ticket(s)

Find the appropriate ticket type and enter a quantity.

2. Purchaser

Choose a registration purchaser. If the purchaser is not already in the system, simply create a record for them with the "Add Individual Record" or "Add Company Record" links. Note: When choosing a purchaser, you will see their membership status next to their name so that you know which ticket is appropriate for them.

3. Attendee

Enter in the attendee information and any custom fields attached to the ticket type. Attendees in the system will pull data from their database records. For any auto-populated fields - if the record is updated before the event takes place, the registration will update also. All attendees with an email address will receive a confirmation email. 

  • NOTE: If you overwrite or add details to the attendee fields during event registration, it will not automatically update those fields on the member record. You will need to update and save any new information on the record itself. 

4. Payment

Enter Credit Card info or Invoice. If invoice, choose a Billable Party. This person will receive the invoice via email (if you click Save & Send in #6 below).

  • If you do not want to charge for the registration, toggle the "Charge for Registration" setting to OFF (more info below).

  • If the member paid by check, choose the Invoice option. If they already sent the check, choose Save & Close in #6 below if you don't want to send the invoice via email.

5. Confirmation Email

If the purchaser/attendee record had an email on file, Novi will automatically include their emails in this section. You can manually input additional email addresses if needed. Once saved, Novi will send out an event confirmation email to those email addresses in this field.

6. Save

Choose to Save & Close, Save & Add New (registration), or Save & Send. If you choose Save & Send, you will be taken to a screen showing you a preview of the invoice and a confirmation of which email address the invoice will be sent to. If you choose Save & Close, the confirmation email will be sent to the email address(es) in the "Send confirmation email to: _____" field, but the invoice will not be sent.

Register Event Attendees at No Charge from the Backend

When registering attendees from the backend, the "New Registration" modal has a Charge for Registration option that can be toggled to on or off. This feature makes it easier for admins to add registrations to an event under the appropriate ticket but not charge for the ticket. 

  • This is especially helpful when an attendee is an exception to the rule. For example, Speakers and Board members are common examples because they should be counted the same as all other attendees, but the association may not want to charge them for the ticket.

If you do not want to charge for an event registration, toggle the "Charge for Registration" setting to OFF:

Please note the following for when Charge for Registration is toggled to OFF:

  • All the totals will disappear. If the attendee is purchasing two tickets and you need to charge for one ticket but not the other, enter the no-charge ticket on a separate registration. 

  • The amounts will not be included in the Revenue column of the event list. 

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