If you've had a member pay their dues by credit card and need to refund the payment, start in Quickbooks first. If it's after 3pm on the day of the sale, you will need to issue a refund receipt. 

  1. On the plus sign, click issue refund receipt.
  2. Choose the customer.
  3. Select Credit Card as the payment method. If you told QuickBooks to remember the credit card number, you won’t have to re­enter it.
  4. Click Products/Service drop­down and choose the product being refunded.
  5. Make sure the refund amount is correct, including tax. Then click Save and close.

If you want to double-check that the refund went through, go back to the customer's list of transactions and you will see the refund.

If the reason for the refund was due to a duplicate paid member record, you will need to go into Novi and merge the records. 

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