Looking to add some non-traditional revenue? Take advantage of the "Featured Member" setting for your member directory. 

Your members can enjoy prime placement right at the top of your member directory. They will also get to display a 'premium' listing that includes their logo, marketing information, social media feeds, related members, member bio and more! All other members will be listed with their name and basic contact information.

You can charge at your discretion for this placement. Learn more about using the Ecommerce platform to monetize your member directory.

 Ready to get started?

  • In Association Settings, click the Members tab.
  • Enable the Featured Directory Listing checkbox and select your customization options. (See "Featured vs. non-featured customization options" below)
  • This will now add a checkbox on all member records. (see "How do I feature certain members?" below)

You can control what information appears on the frontend of your website for your featured versus basic member directory listings.

Under Association Settings > Membership, there is a Featured Listings section.

In that "Featured Listings" section, you can select which fields are displayed:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Area of Expertise

Check out the screenshot below for a visual of your different customization options when it comes to featured directory and basic listings.

How do I feature certain members?

Featuring a member is easy! Simply head to their profile, select the Settings tab, then check "Featured Directory Listing" and save the record.

Here is an example of what a featured vs. non-featured listing might look like. Note that none of the information was removed from the company's record in the non-featured version, it is simply hidden in the directory:

Additional Questions & Answers

Is there a limit for how many members I can feature?

  • No, but after 12 members, this will result in featured members being shown on the next page(s). If you want them all to remain on the first page, keep that number to 12 and under.

Is there a display order for featured members?

  • Featured members will be loaded at random every hour, which means that all featured members get fair, random placement.

How is the display order determined in the member directory?

  • The entire member directory will be loaded at random to achieve fairness of placement throughout the directory.
  • The randomized order displayed will update after 1 hour, giving users plenty of time to search through the directory without seeing members twice.
  • If you have the alphabetical setting turned on, see below...

If my member directory is set to sort in alphabetical order, will featured members still be at the top of the directory?

  • Yes - The featured profiles will be at the top of the directory, and they will be sorted in alphabetical order within that grouping.

If I "turn off" the directory and turn it back on later, will my featured sponsors be deleted?

  • Disabling this checkbox will not delete the underlying data. Turning this feature back on will re-enable all former featured members as well.

Why are people/staff headshots not showing on the main directory page?

  • A person's headshot image will only show in the main directory list if their company is featured (or are in a Leadership Role).

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