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Using Novi's Ecommerce Platform to Monetize Your Member Directory
Using Novi's Ecommerce Platform to Monetize Your Member Directory
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For those looking to monetize their website and create an ancillary revenue stream through the member directory, featured directory listings are your go-to.

Members will love the prime placement and their listing with a complete profile of their company. For details on how to get started with featured directory listings, see the article above.

Create a featured listing product

You'll first want to set up a product for purchase in Novi. One approach is to setup this particular product as an annual (or even monthly) subscription, to make the process even simpler for your staff and members.

The price that you decide to charge is completely at your discretion. You know your membership best, so we recommend having an internal discussion on what you think is fair.

In addition, the name of the product is also completely up to your team. Descriptive titles such as "Enhanced Directory Listing" or "Featured Member Directory Profile" work best.

Promote your listings

Once your product is set up in Novi, it's time to let your members know about the benefits of the featured directory listings. 

Sending marketing campaigns through your email marketing platform, announcing the listings at association events, and sending information in newsletters are a few great ideas currently being implemented by customers.

Send your members straight to your frontend store to purchase, or direct them to contact you if you'd prefer to input orders on the admin side!

Fulfill your orders

If your product is set-up as Requires Fulfillment, you will receive a notification in your Ecommerce > Orders section when a featured listing is purchased. 

At this point, simply visit the purchaser's member record > Settings tab > check the box next to Featured Directory Listing. This will automatically give the member the benefits of a featured listing, and you can then mark the order as fulfilled. 

If the product was set up as a subscription, you will also see details for the order in the Ecommerce > Subscriptions section - where you can then edit the subscription end date, auto-renewal settings, or cancel the subscription.

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