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Roundtable Recap: Monetizing Your Novi Website
Roundtable Recap: Monetizing Your Novi Website
January 12, 2022
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During this roundtable, Novi customers shared their experiences with options for monetization on their website. We learned that 74% of attendees were actively selling on their website (aside from memberships and event registrations), but 26% were not. Of the attendees, only 6% felt like they had a handle on monetization. Half of the attendees freely admitted they were beginners; 44% said they had some ideas but were unsure. You're in good company!

Below are some key takeaways from the roundtable:

Banner Ads:

  • Limit inventory; limit pricing options

  • Be simple

  • Standardization (sizing)

Ad Server Recommendations:

  • Google Ad Manager

  • Ad Plugg (thanks Ed from AATC)

  • Power. io (thanks Austin Apartment Association)

Basic vs. Feature Directory:

  • Offer as an add-on to the membership application

  • Auto-renew

  • Links to upgrades within the directory

  • Create multiple directories so you have more opportunities to sell

(Interested in a featured profile with the directory? Check out this help article)


  • Online store tips (what are they?)

Product Add-Ons for Membership and Events:

Pricing, Traffic, Driving Traffic:

  • Know Your Audience

    • Who are your members

    • How much exposure will advertisers have

  • Urgency

    • Limits

    • Ties to events

  • Marketing

    • Blogs

    • Digital magazines

    • Social media

    • E-mail

More than half of attendees endorsed the shared content in the roundtable, saying they would come back and watch again because of the great info shared; 44% self-identified as "ready" and 24% said, "Show me the money!"

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