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Roundtable Recap: Year in Review & 2023 Priorities
Roundtable Recap: Year in Review & 2023 Priorities
January 25, 2023
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To kick off the year, we recapped our most impactful features from 2022 and shared an exciting glimpse into Novi's future!

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Key takeaways from the roundtable:

Staying True to Novi

  • Throughout 2022, the Novi team...

    • Expanded its staff by 31%.

    • Reached over 650,00 members served (and established a long-term goal to reach 2.5 million members served!)

    • Delivered 800 updates over the course of 30 sprints.

  • As we grow, we strive to "keep Novi, Novi" by investing less in advertising and more in strong development/customer experience.

2022 Recap

2023 Priorities

  • In the coming year, you can expect these changes:

    • Improved accessibility: We're planning to strengthen the accessibility of all Novi website themes.

    • Updated list views: By making list views across the backend more flexible, all admins will be capable of building reports.

    • Upgraded HTML editor: Our new content editor will introduce both a spell checker and accessibility checker.

    • CEU improvements: We plan to introduce certificates and CEU statements that you can share with your members

    • ...and more!

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