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Create a Featured Member Listing on the Homepage

Create a new section on your homepage for advertising and featuring members.

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Amp up your site's homepage by adding a section that will feature sponsors/members by displaying their logos and information and will link to their directory profile pages.

This added feature* will display a Featured Member Widget on the homepage, displaying the members' information (only one member will be shown at a time). This will be an area where admins can edit the introduction text, but the member information will be pulled directly from their record in your database.

Featured members will be shown at random upon page load, depending how many you have chosen. The information shown will be the same as the member profile badge. The design might change from site-to-site, but the information available will be the same.

Once the Novi team has styled the widget on the homepage, admins will be able to select members to include in the widget on the backend by following these steps:

  • Go to the record on the backend

  • Navigate to the Settings tab > Website Visibility section

  • Check the Display in featured member widget box

*Please note: This will require some custom design to create the best fit for your layout and members, so please contact the Novi team for more information on getting this set up and customized for your site. Our designers/developers will be happy to work with you to quote this out to best fit your design!

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