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User Record Matching & Duplicate Detection
User Record Matching & Duplicate Detection
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When joining or logging in to your site for the first time, users may not know that they already have a record in your system and will attempt to create a new record. Luckily, Novi's duplicate detection can save you from having multiple records. Once they attempt to create a new record, Novi will let them know.

Note: For individuals, there is a difference between having a record in the system and having a login/user account. Anyone already in your database has a record, regardless of if they have been able to login before.

New Company Duplicate Detection

If a new company is being signed up for membership, but the name of the company matches a company that is already in the system, the user will see the following message:

User/Individual Duplicate Detection

Duplicate Detection Point 1:

If there is already a login/user account created with the email entered, the new user will not be able to proceed with creating a new account. They will be prompted to login or reset their password.

Duplicate Detection Point 2:

If there is a record already in your database that has an email address, but no user account has been created yet, the system will pick up on the record's email address entered. If there is a match, the user will be prompted to verify that they are themselves by requesting a verification code. This will send a code to the email address on file so that the account the user is creating will link itself to the record that you already have in the system, preventing a duplicate from being created.

Once the user clicks the "Email Verification Code" button the message changes to look like this, allowing the user to enter the code they've received via email:

Duplicate Detection Point 3:

If no user account already exists with the email address that is entered, the user will be able to proceed. However, the system will then match on name and parent (or lack of parent). Once the user enters their first name, last name, and parent company, Novi will look for that information in the database.ย 

If there is a match, and the user does not already have a login with a different email address than they entered, they will see this message and be asked to verify that the member record belongs to them:

If there is a match, and the user already has a login with a different email than they entered, they will see this message:

Once confirmed, they will be able to edit their profile and be taken to their Member Compass. Their newly created account will automatically be connected to the record in your database.

Duplicate Records Not Caught During Signup

There are ways that records can get past this duplicate detection. The system will not be able to review scenarios like slight differences in names or signups under a different parent company.

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