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Create Custom Reports for Members with User Accounts
Create Custom Reports for Members with User Accounts

How to add user account registration & last login dates to member reports.

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Using Novi's custom reporting module, you can create reports showing members with user accounts.

Creating the report

  • Navigate to Custom Reports in the admin section of Novi.

  • Click on the Add Membership Report button.

  • To find member records that have user accounts associated with them, you'll need to create a condition. Since all user accounts have a registration date, then you can set User Info > Last Login to is not null. For non-techies, this means that the user logged in at some point.

  • Now that you have conditions set, you need to tell Novi what columns you'd like to display. You'll have access to over 300 fields for the member records that match your query. I'd start with the basics like General Info > Name.

  • If you'd like your report to center on user info, then consider adding any of the following user info fields: Email, Email Confirmed, Last Login, Registration Date, and User Name.

Pro Tips

  • Trade associations may want to group user accounts by the parent's name to see all of the user accounts for particular companies. To do that, add Parent Info > Name in the Columns to Display section. Then add it to the Columns to Group By section.

  • To see registrations over time, download the report results to Excel. Then use Excel's graph functionality to visualize your registrations or even last login dates.

  • Any other suggestions you'd like to share? Please let us know & we'll add them.



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