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Deep Dive: Print & Email the Transactions Created by Admin Event Registrations
Deep Dive: Print & Email the Transactions Created by Admin Event Registrations

For registrations created in the admin, Novi does not automatically send Invoices or Sales Receipts to purchasers.

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For event registrations processed by staff in the admin, Novi does not automatically send invoices or sales receipts to the purchaser. This functionality is based on feedback from association executives and their staff who wanted to control how and when those transactions are sent to their members.

Flexibility Built for Association Staff

At first, it might sound strange that Novi does not automatically email transactions for event registrations created by association staff in the admin. We certainly felt that way until association staff shared some of their use cases with the Novi team:

  • "For some of our events, we mail paper tickets along with their invoices. This can add a really nice touch to the event."

  • "Our members don't pay attention to emails, so we prefer to mail them paper invoices."

  • "If a member has a credit on file, I don't want to send them their invoice until the credit has been applied and the invoice balance is zero."

  • "Sometimes we offer special pricing to sponsors, and we want to adjust the transaction inside of QuickBooks before sending it out."

How to Print or Email a Transaction

To print or email a transaction to a purchaser (or the purchaser's billing contact), you have two options:

At the Time of Registration

While processing the event registration in the admin, instead of pressing Save & Close, you can select the second option of Save & Send.

This will bring up the Send Invoice screen and will walk you through sending the invoice to the member.

Batch Action

If you'd prefer to email or print your event invoices (or sales receipts) in bulk, then this can be done with Batch Actions on the Transactions page.

  • In the left navigation, click on Accounting > Transactions

  • The Filter can be very helpful to isolate the transactions that you're looking for.

  • Consider filtering for Event Invoice with a transaction status of Open. You can also look for only those invoices that have not been emailed or printed.

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