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Learn the pitfalls of copying & pasting content directly from MS Word or another website and how to migrate website content correctly.

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When creating content in your website pages or blog articles, you'll want to be cautious of copy/pasting from external sites. We recommend clearing out any formatting before pasting content into your Novi site, also known as pasting as "plain text."

How can I clear out old formatting before pasting into Novi?

There are a few ways to clear out the formatting of your content before pasting it into your site:ย 

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste your content into Novi without the formatting. On a Mac, use Command+Option+Shift+V. On a PC, use Control+Shift+V.

  2. Copy the text and paste in Novi using the editor by clicking Edit > Paste as Plain Text.

  3. Copy and paste the content into a text editor like Notepad on your computer before pasting into Novi.

What if I've already pasted some old formatting onto my page?

If you already have some old formatting pasted into your Novi page that is altering the look of your site's consistent formatting, there are two options: 1) Consider clearing the page and re-pasting the content as plain text OR 2) Take a look at the source code to remove the formatting.

If you choose to take Option 2, navigate to Tools > Source Code in the Novi editor. From there, look for code that specifies certain font colors, sizes, etc. That is what will need to be removed and replaced with Novi formatting in the content editor. Remember that your Novi site is automatically branded for you!

Examples of what to look for:

  • Code starting with <span ...> and ending </span>

  • Code starting with <div class= ...> and ending </div> (sometimes div belong on the page, so this may not always be the case, just remember to looks for the accompanying code that changes fonts, colors, sizes, etc.)

A real life example:

Here is an example of source code that has some previous formatting. The code highlighted in yellow is what would need to be removed. Notice that the Novi formatting such as the header <h2>, paragraph <p>, or link <a href=..."> does not get removed, nor does the content that needs to stay.

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