It is possible for corrupted data to work its way into your QuickBooks account. This is especially true for data that comes from an old QuickBooks Desktop file where it was entered before today's data standards were put in place.

The fastest way to check for errors in the sync process is to compare the number of member records in Novi to the number of customer records in QuickBooks.  When doing that, you'll need to account for inactive records.

Finding the total number of customer/member records in Novi

1. On the members page (/admin/customers/customer-list), set all of your filters to "any."

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the total number of records.  Look for the "of X number" in the bottom right.

Finding the total number of customer records in QuickBooks

1. Navigate to the customer list in QuickBooks Online (

2. Click on the small gear icon at the top right of the list and make sure to "include inactive."

3. Scroll to the bottom of the customer list & press the "Last >" button.

4. Scroll to the bottom one last time.  The final number shown will be the total number in the list.  You will know that you're at the end because the "Next" and "Last >" buttons will be grey. 

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