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Error Message: Employee has the Same Name as a Customer
Error Message: Employee has the Same Name as a Customer

How to resolve conflicts between member record (customer) names and employee names.

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QuickBooks Online does not allow duplicate names between customers, vendors, and employees. This is true whether you're inside of QuickBooks or connecting to QuickBooks through Novi AMS.

When you create a member whose name matches a vendor, Novi works a little QuickBooks magic so that the two names don't conflict. We proactively add "(vendor)" to the vendor name so that the member name can exist.

When it comes to clashes between member/customer records and your employee roster, we didn't want to take those liberties. Instead, you or your accounting staff will need to manually resolve the conflict. The key is to make sure that the "Display Name" is different between the two.

Ideas for Resolving Duplicates

  • Add "(Employee)" to the end of the employee name.

  • Use middle initials for employees & make sure that they are included in the display name.

AE Tips™

  • Don't use internal names like "Sally Jones - Novi record" for records inside of Novi. Remember, there are lots of places on your website where that name could be displayed.

  • Before changing an employee record's name, check with the person who handles your payroll. He or she could have 3rd party plugins or payroll reports that could be affected.

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