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Converting QuickBooks Customer Records into People & Companies in Novi AMS
Converting QuickBooks Customer Records into People & Companies in Novi AMS

Learn how Novi AMS automatically deciphers whether a QuickBooks customer is a person or a company.

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QuickBooks online doesn't have a concept of people records and company records. Instead, they have a "customer" record that can be a person, a company, or a person working at a company. While this works well for most QuickBooks users, we have found that many associations, especially trade associations, need to better differentiate between companies and people.

Automation: So you don't have to think about it.

Novi uses your own work in QuickBooks to determine whether a customer should be a company or a person when we sync the data into your AMS.  

When you create a customer record in QuickBooks, you are given the option to add First & Last Names as well as a Company name. If you add information for one or the other, then QuickBooks will automatically populate the "Display name as" field with the information you entered.

If you provide information for both a person's name and a company name, then you are able to choose which name to display.  This display name is what truly matters to QuickBooks and becomes what is ultimately synced over to Novi AMS.

QuickBooks Customer Showing the Display Name Equal to the Company Name:

Corresponding Novi AMS Member Properly Identified as a Company:

Troubleshooting: When a Customer is Incorrectly Identified

It is possible for a QuickBooks user to override the suggested Display Name for a customer record to choose something that is neither the First & Last Names nor the Company name.  In most cases, our algorithm can guess the correct answer. When we get it wrong, there are two ways to fix the issue:

QuickBooks Analyzer

During Novi's initial connection to QuickBooks, we run a special analyzer tool. You can access this in the top right gear > QuickBooks Analyzer. This can surface what we call "ambiguous records" that we suggest you sort out inside of QuickBooks. The best way to do this is to visit the offending QuickBooks customer records and make sure that the display name matches either the company or the First & Last names, whichever is correct.

Manually Converting a Person to a Company or a Company to a Person

Full admin users are able to manually address mislabeled records in Novi by clicking a button on the member's settings tab.

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