Changing the Name of a Member or Customer

Learn how to change a member's name (or a customer's name).

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You can change the name of a customer in either Novi AMS or QuickBooks. Changing one location will automatically update the other.

Update a Member Name in Novi AMS

Find the member record and click on the Details tab.


Update a Customer Name in QuickBooks

Find the customer record (member record) and click the Edit button.

On the edit screen, update either the person's name (First, Middle, Last, etc) or the company name. In either case, pay particular attention to the "Display name as" field. That is the field that determines what name will be synced to Novi AMS. It is also used by QuickBooks throughout their software.


Character Limits for Name Fields

  • Title: 16

  • First: 100

  • Middle: 100

  • Last: 25

  • Suffix: 16

  • Display Name: 100

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