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Restoring Deleted Novi Files

How to find deleted files in your Trash folder.

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Restore files deleted in your Novi Files by utilizing the Trash folder within your files.

Once a file has been removed from Novi Files (which is done by selecting the file > going to the Manage drop-down > and clicking on Remove), that file will be moved to the Trash folder that lives in your Novi Files.

If you need to retrieve this file, simply click into the Trash folder, select the file(s) you would like to retrieve, and either cut/copy the files and paste them into the correct folder OR re-download/re-upload the files.

Important Notes:

  • Once a file is removed from the Trash folder, there is no way for the Novi team to retrieve that file. These files are not stored elsewhere.

  • If you need to move a file from one location to another within Novi Files, the URL to the file will also change. If the original URL was linked on your website or in an email, for example, the link will be broken and will need to be updated to the new URL.

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