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Add a Secondary Call to Action to an Event
Add a Secondary Call to Action to an Event

Learn how to add secondary calls to action (also called a CTA) to an event to promote sponsorships and other relevant information.

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A "Call to Action" is a marketing term that refers to things designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. On the web, these normally take the shape of a button.

Primary Call to Action: Register

Once an event has a ticket, Novi assumes that your primary call to action is to encourage people to register for that event. For this reason, our events have a bright "Register Now" button.

We realize that there are cases where an association may want to encourage website visitors to take some action other than (or in addition to) registering for the event. We call these "Secondary Calls to Action."
Some use cases could include:

  • Sponsoring the event

  • Sharing a photo gallery from past events

  • Providing legal release for signature

  • Linking to special instructions

  • Promoting awards nominations

  • We've even seen one association link to costume ideas... it's really limitless.

Adding a Secondary Call to Action

To add a secondary call to action, navigate to the event and click on the details tab. About mid-way down, you'll find the section. You can add up to three Secondary CTAs, with custom button text and destinations (URLs).

You will want to have created the destination pages ahead of time. That said, get creative, you can link to custom CMS pages, events, Ecommerce products (great for driving event sponsorships), and even external sources.

You can also link to PDF files instead of an actual web page.

For members, the calls-to-action (CTAs) will look like the screenshot below on the event details page. Note that Novi AMS automatically includes the 'Register Now' and 'Add to Calendar' buttons for all events by default.

Please note that there is a limit of 3 Secondary Calls to Action per event. If you'd like to display more, then consider adding those links within the content section of the event.

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