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Five Ways Novi AMS Can Help Sell an Event Sponsorship
Five Ways Novi AMS Can Help Sell an Event Sponsorship

Learn how to put Novi AMS to work encouraging members to sponsor an event.

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While it's true that no two associations are alike, it is also true that almost every association sells sponsorships for their events. Here are five ways that you can put Novi to work selling event sponsorships for your organization.

Event Add-On

Perhaps the easiest way to sell an event sponsorship is to include the option as an up-sell on your registration page. More info below...

Secondary Call to Action

The primary call to action for an event with tickets is "Registration Options." If your event has sponsorships attached, consider adding a secondary call to action that links your website visitors to more information about sponsorships. Depending on the event, you could link to a single Ecommerce product, an entire category (or sub-category) in your Ecommerce store, a downloadable PDF, or any other URL you wish.

Custom Description

If your sponsorship needs more of a sales pitch, consider adding a sponsorship section directly to the event description. Remember to do your editing on the frontend of your website so that you'll know exactly what the content will look like.

Ecommerce Store

In order to create the Event Add-On described above, you will have already added the sponsorship as a product in your Ecommerce store. You may want to consider amping that up a notch by creating an entire sponsorship section. Take it from someone who has sponsored lots of association events, sometimes it's nice to have a virtual "menu" to see all of the options available.

News Article

If the event is important enough and the sponsorships large enough, you might want to create a news article outlining all of the different sponsorships available. You can link out to the individual Ecommerce products so that your members will be able to sign up 24/7 in your store.

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