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Tips for Getting Your Members to Create User Accounts
Tips for Getting Your Members to Create User Accounts
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Written by Jenn Norman, CAE
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Create a step-by-step tutorial with screenshots and instructions on how to create their account. If you've just launched, add it to the "Welcome to the New Website" news article and send it out via email.

Get help from your Ambassadors

Teach your board and/or committee members and encourage them to get their coworkers and other members signed up.


In Novi, you can create a report of those individuals who have not yet created a user account. Export your list and use that to send to those who haven't yet created their accounts. If you created a tutorial, include that in the email as well.

Give them an incentive

One of our customers in Maryland made a push for a couple of months for their members to create their accounts. They then held a drawing for $500 cash to be randomly chosen for those who had created their accounts.

Add it to your New Member 101 class

Be sure to reserve 5-10 minutes to discuss the website and have everyone create their accounts right then and there!


If you've just launched, host a few short webinars to introduce your members to the new website. Record one of the sessions and post that to your website.

Do you have any other tips that have worked well for your association? Send us a note and let us know!

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