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Remove or Update User Account Login Email
Remove or Update User Account Login Email

Learn how to delete or change a member's user account within the admin.

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To Remove the User Account: 

  • Go to the member's record on the backend.

  • Select the Settings tab.

  • Click the Remove User Account button.

To change the email address associated with this member's user account:

  • Delete the old email address from the field.

  • Add the new email address in the field and click Save.

  • If they need to reset their password, click Send Password Reset (they have the option to keep their current password).


What happens if I remove the user's account while they are logged in?

If this ever happens, we will alert the user that their account has been removed on the next page they click on. This will prompt them to log out and attempt logging in, or, to contact you.

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