Printing Receipts vs Invoices & Payments

Learn how to print a receipt of payment in QuickBooks or Novi AMS and what you should be presenting as a "receipt" to your members.

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Payments on Invoices are different than Sales Receipts

QuickBooks does not allow for received payments to be "printed." Instead, they suggest that you print an invoice after it has been paid. This will show the "zero" balance and a prominent "Paid" stamp. It allows customers to see exactly what they were charged for, whereas the payment itself offers no additional information beyond what they can get on their credit card or bank statement.

If members want to see their payments and account balance, they can access their payment history within their Member Compass. From there, they can print the paid invoice. Learn more about how members can view, print, and pay transactions from the Member Compass.

In addition, a bookkeeper can also create a statement for them inside of QuickBooks. However, with full accounting now online, this is something that our Novi association partners rarely find to be necessary.

Sales receipts do not follow the invoice & payment rule. Since they are essentially an invoice AND a payment at once, QuickBooks does allow them to be printed.

Member Access to "Receipts"

Members can get access to receipts in a number of ways.

Member Compass™

  • On the "Account History" tab of the Member Compass, members can print invoices. If the invoice has been paid, it will be automatically marked as such. (#1 below)

  • Members cannot print payments as described in the section above. (#2 below)

  • Members are able to print sales receipts. (#3 below)

QuickBooks Payments

  • When a payment is made directly from an emailed invoice (without logging into Novi), QuickBooks will email the member a confirmation that the payment has been sent. If the member did not receive this, it cannot be triggered to be re-sent.

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