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Find Cancelled Event Registrations
Find Cancelled Event Registrations

Learn how to find cancelled event registrations and associate information, including accounting transactions and the user who cancelled it.

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Cancelled Event Registrations

When an admin user cancels an event registration, the record will remain in the data for historical purposes.

Attendee List

Cancelled registrations can be found on an event's attendee list. To view only cancelled registrations:

  • Click Filter

  • In the Registration Status field > select Cancelled

Or select --All Statuses-- to view both active and cancelled registrations in the list.

CSV Download

Canceled registrations will be shown as greyed-out entries within the attendee list. For even more detail, admin users may download the list as a CSV.

Accounting Transactions

There are three ways to find accounting transactions (invoices and sales receipts) linked to canceled event registrations.

Individual Attendee Record

Click Edit in the action column for the attendee. Then the View Transaction button in the pop-up modal.

Attendee List View (After Showing Cancelled Registrations)

Filter the attendee list to a Registration Status of Cancelled, then check the Payment Status column.

CSV Export

Audit Log

To find out who may have cancelled a particular event registration, you can check the audit log directly from the cancelled record.

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