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Set a Child Record to Inherit its Parent's Address
Set a Child Record to Inherit its Parent's Address

Learn how to set a staff member or sub company record to automatically inherit their parent record's shipping & billing addresses.

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When adding a person or a company to the Novi database, admin users can set the record to automatically inherit address data from the parent company or member.

If the address is changed on the parent record, then the address will automatically be updated on all of the child records - staff and sub companies.

Use Parent Address

When creating or updating the member record, look for the small gear icon next to the billing or shipping address. Clicking on the small gear will display the option to use that record's parent.

What happens when a parent company is changed?

If someone's parent company is removed, the toggle will stay turned "ON." Meaning that when their new parent company is added, the person will automatically inherit that company's addresses. 

If no new company is added, their address will remain blank.

Will I be able to see this address in reports that are pulling the child record?

Yes! Inherited address are stored on the record itself, so custom reports pulling addresses will show these in the results.

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