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Configuring your domain name (DNS) for your new Novi AMS website
Configuring your domain name (DNS) for your new Novi AMS website

Our tech team will be glad to manage your domain name for you, but these details will help if you want to maintain full control

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In today's world, your domain name ( is the key to your brand. We're glad to assist you with migrating your domain name to your new Novi site, but if you want to maintain full control of your domain we understand that too! All we'll need from you is to modify a few of your DNS (Domain Name System) records before and on launch day so that we can ensure a smooth transition for you and your members.

Before Launch Day

In order to help launch day go as smoothly as possible, we ask that you add a few verification DNS records to help us prep your site for launch. These records will allow us to get the Novi side of things all squared away ahead of time, so the launch day transition can be made with no downtime for your live website.

We have two types of records we ask that you add - the TXT records will allow us to verify that you own the domain name that you will be transferring to your Novi site. The CNAME records will allow us to get a security certificate (SSL) setup for your Novi site ahead of time & verify that Novi will be allowed to send emails on behalf of your domain, allowing for a smooth and secure transition on launch day.

TXT Records (For domain name verification)

  • [Host]:

    • "asuid"

  • [Value]

    • "8970C5A8E6A7189132A8B3CB0A819F192C8892F57BD9949891DCE3953CDD4C27"

  • [Host]:

    • "asuid.www"

  • [Value]:

    • "8970C5A8E6A7189132A8B3CB0A819F192C8892F57BD9949891DCE3953CDD4C27"

Note for custom Subdomains: If you are using a subdomain other than "www" for your Novi website, your record will need to look a little different. Instead of the above records you'll want just one record with a host of "asuid.{subdomain}" and a value of "8970C5A8E6A7189132A8B3CB0A819F192C8892F57BD9949891DCE3953CDD4C27". For example, if your site will be, your host would be asuid.members

On Launch Day

Our launch team will verify you are ready to launch and request your final approval a few days before your launch date. On launch day, launching your Novi site will be a multiple step process -

  1. Our tech team will send you an initial email indicating the beginning of your launch with some initial DNS instructions

  2. Our tech team will then take your staging site offline temporarily

  3. Our tech team will copy your staging site to your new live site on our production infrastructure

  4. Once your live site is ready, our tech team will inform you that you are clear to make the final changes to your DNS records which will make your site live.

The launch day DNS records you set up will most likely be modifications of records that already exist for your domain, rather than brand new records like we had you create before launch day.

Launch Day Setup (A Records)

  • [Host]:

    • "@"

  • [Address]

    • ""

Important Reminder: It's crucial to ensure that your DNS settings include only one A record with the root host symbol "@". Having multiple A records with the "@" value, each pointing to different IP addresses, can create significant issues. Visitors attempting to access your root domain (commonly referred to as the "naked domain") may not be directed to your website as intended. This inconsistency can lead to accessibility problems and a poor user experience. Please review and adjust your DNS settings accordingly to avoid these issues.

CNAME Records

There will be several CNAME records that are created and/or modified. These records will be for Email verification as well as the subdomain of your site (i.e. www or a custom subomain). These values will be provided on launch day as they are different for each client.

Security Certificate (SSL)

To ensure the security of your members & data, Novi AMS requires that your website be secured using a security (SSL) certificate. Our team will automatically provide this for you on launch day after your final DNS records are configured. These certificates are usually good 6 months before they expire, and our systems and team will automatically renew the certificate for you to keep it current. Basic SSL certificates are included at no extra charge with Novi AMS subscriptions.

Once our team has completed the security certificate step - your new site will be live!

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