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Download CSV for Excel

Learn how to download a list or a report into a CSV file that can be opened with Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers.

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To download a list view or a report from Novi, look for this icon. You can find it at the top right of just about any list. You'll be able to download the list into a CSV (comma-separated values) file. 

Use the gear wheel at the top of a list to add additional fields as visible columns.

When exporting, you can choose whether you'd like to export all possible fields (even hidden) to the csv file, or only those that are actively visible.

AE Tips™

  • CSV files can be opened with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Mac's Numbers, or any other spreadsheet program.

  • Novi takes the "more is better" approach when it comes to deciding which columns to include in a CSV.

  • Use Novi's filters to isolate the specific records (shown as lines in the spreadsheet) that are included in the CSV.

  • For complex filtering, include a larger result set & use Excel's powerful filtering tools to get to exactly the data you need.

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