Event Agendas

Learn how to create or upload an agenda for an event.

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There are two ways that you can list an agenda for an event in Novi AMS. 

In either case, in the admin section of your website, you will want to navigate to the details tab of the event to which you'd like to add the agenda.

Novi AMS Agenda Builder

For events with a more straightforward agenda, you can use the Novi AMS agenda builder.  Agenda items will need a start and end time as well as a name. You may also add a description. Agenda Items can be deleted or edited on the backend as needed.

With the agenda builder, you won't have to worry about styling agenda items or whether your members are in a place to download a PDF.

Upload a PDF

If your event agenda is complex or requires special styling, then you will want to upload a PDF using the "Upload Agenda" button.

Website visitors will be shown a "Download Agenda" button.

AE Tip™: There is no reason why you can't use the Novi AMS agenda builder and upload a more detailed PDF on the same event.

Novi Tip: Be sure to read this article if you need to change the PDF agenda (i.e. upload a new version to replace an existing agenda).

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