Invoice Fees

Learn how to add convenience fees to your invoices.

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Some of our association partners nudge their members to pay immediately for transactions with credit cards by charging a convenience fee for invoices. ย In addition to acting as a deterrent, invoice fees can also help your organization cover some of the staff time involved in processing manual payments and tracking outstanding accounts receivable.

Novi AMS allows you to automatically charge members an invoice convenience fee for Ecommerce transactions and event registrations. There is never an invoice fee attached to dues invoices.

Options Available

Within association settings, admins can do the following:

  • Determine whether this fee should be charged

  • Set the fee amount

  • Map the fee to the appropriate QuickBooks item (Product or Service)

  • Map the fee to the appropriate QuickBooks class (if applicable)

Locating the Setting

  • Ecommerce: Association Settings > Ecommerce tab > Accounting Section

  • Events: Association Settings > Events tab > Accounting Section

Admin Overrides

Admins are able to override the invoice fee so long as the invoice is generated by admin.

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