Your website users have the ability to select "Forgot Password?" on the login page. This way, if they already have an account in your system, there's no need for them to create a new one. They can simply enter their email, reset their password, and get to business!

Here's what they'll see immediately after requesting a password reset:

Password Reset Emails

If the user does indeed have an account on your website, they will then receive an email, with a link to reset their password and be on their way.

If the user does not have an account on your website using the email address they have entered, the email they receive will look a bit different. It will let them know that an account does not exist for that email address and will give them a link to create an account. 

This allows for proper security measures since it sends this information to the email they entered instead of right on the screen, meaning that they need to have access to the email to receive this information. It also does not tell them any specific emails that are associated with accounts.

If your user does not receive any email, that is likely due to an email deliverability issue, a spam folder, or the user entering their email address incorrectly. Please first have them check their spam folder and ensure that they entered the correct email. If they have still not received an email, please contact us and we can look up their Novi email activity.


Password Reset Confirmation

When resetting a password, users are required to enter their password twice. This way, if they mistype the password once, they'll be alerted when the other entry does not match.

Password Requirements

As a user creates or resets their password, the requirements will display (in red font) beneath the field so they know if their password needs to be altered. A message will only display if the text that is typed into the field does not meet a requirement.  

Note: Only one message will display at a time. Once that requirement is met, if another is not, a second message will appear.

Example 1 - Password must contain at least one letter.

Example 2 - Password must be at least 6 characters long.

For help troubleshooting errors, check out the Common User Account Creation Errors article.

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