One Time Alert

Learn more about how you can use one time alert to notify your visitors about cookie tracking

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"One Time Alert" allows you to add a customizable pop-up message about cookies to the bottom left hand corner of your website when a visitor views your site.

The visitor will have to click the "Acknowledge" button in order for the One Time Alert box to disappear.

Implementing the one time alert

To customize the one time alert message, go to your Association Settings in the backend, click on the Alerts tab and edit the content you want to include in the content region shown below.

Stop using the one time alert

To stop using the one time alert, simply clear all the information from the settings text box. When the "One Time Alert" text box in Association Settings is blank, it will not pop up on the website.

Things to keep in mind

  • If you change the content in the "One Time Alert" section in the settings shown below, the message will re-appear for everyone who had previously acknowledged the notification.

  • The user's acknowledgment of the one time alert is specific to their browser. Clearing cookies, changing browsers (or users within a browser, or changing computers could force the user to acknowledge again to the one time alert.

  • The cookie that stores the acknowledgement is set to expire after one year, so at the very least, a user will have to re-acknowledge the one-time alert on an annual basis.

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