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Member Directory Search Bar & Keywords
Member Directory Search Bar & Keywords

Learn more about how the member directory search bar uses keywords to find the members that you're looking for.

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It's important to know how the member directory search function works when searching for a particular member. Read on to learn more about what happens behind-the-scenes when you use keywords to find a member in the directory.

The member directory Keyword Search filters down results by looking for the search text within the following fields (they do not have to start with the search text, they just have to contain it):

  1. The member's name

  2. The member's parent's name

  3. The member's professional title

  4. Company aliases

  5. Custom Field filters

  6. Custom Field values (if displayed on the directory profile pages)

  7. The member profile text field (both company and individual)

If the search text is found in any of those, and the member is otherwise visible in the member directory, then the member will be shown.

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