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Does Novi Backup My Membership Data?
Does Novi Backup My Membership Data?

Your membership data is mission critical to your organization, and Novi is here to help ensure you don't lose any of it.

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You've heard the horror stories. Your friend thought that all the pictures were backed up off their phone... then they lost their phone. 1,000 pictures from that big vacation just vanished. That's a nightmare scenario for many people - and we're only talking about vacation photos! If something similar happened to your membership data, what would you do?

The Novi team understands this concern, and we've built Novi AMS with several different layers of backup systems to ensure this never happens to you & your organization. Our system is hosted in the "cloud" on some of the latest technology Microsoft has to offer. The team members at Microsoft are global leaders in this technology space, and by trusting them with our system, Novi is helping to ensure the security of your data by "hiring" a global team of experts.

Microsoft Azure - Point in Time Backups

You can rest easy knowing that all of your member data is backed up using what is called "point in time" backup capability. This means that if disaster were to strike, at any given moment our team could go back to any moment in time with your data and restore what went missing. Our data is also stored in a manner that is known as "globally redundant". This means your data is never just located on one computer in one physical location. If a natural disaster were to take out the computer with your data on the east coast, our team will be able to recover using another copy of your data stored elsewhere.

Backup Period

As of this article's writing, Microsoft maintains these backups for a rolling period of 35 days. In addition to this, we keep a monthly backup for 6 months and then a yearly backup for 2 years.
These backup systems are included with your subscription to Novi AMS.

Audit Log

In addition to all this behind the scenes technical wizardry - Novi also provides a robust auditing tool within the system itself. You can use this tool when the smaller scale "what happened to this member's data?" scenario strikes. It will give you clear visibility into who changed what member data and when - making it easy to follow up with your team and understand why the data changed.

Novi knows that members are the lifeblood of your organization - and your membership database is the tool that keeps that lifeblood flowing & engaged. Our team is here to help make sure you never lose any of that data, allowing your team to focus their time on your members & your mission.

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