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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how to customize the way a page on your website will appear within search results.

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When creating a new page or updating an existing page on your website, you might notice the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section in the page settings. Novi wants to make sure that we give you SEO tools to help increase website visibility and recognition in search engines such as Google.ย 

If you're unfamiliar with the concepts of SEO, this guide from Moz is a great place to start.

The three components of the Novi SEO section are:

  • Page Title

  • Description

  • Friendly File Name

What are these three components and where do they show?ย 

Page Title

  • The page title, sometimes referred to as a Title Tag, is simply the title of the particular page you are working on.

  • This gives search engines a short glimpse into what this page is about. It will appear first on your browser's Search Engine results page (see image below).


  • The description, sometimes referred to as a meta description, summarizes the page's content.

  • They are usually a one to three-sentence snippet about what site visitors can find on that particular page.

  • Think of it as an advertisement for the page itself and be very clear about what visitors can expect to find on that page.

Friendly File Name

  • The friendly file name (FFN), is a piece of the URL of the particular page you are creating or updating that comes after

  • These should be unique across all pages, in all lowercase letters with no special characters, and with words separated by hyphens ( - ).

  • Notice that when you are creating a new page, Novi will auto-populate the FFN for you based on the page title.

Google Search Results

While nothing is guaranteed in Search Engine Optimization, in most cases, your work will appear as follows:

SEO Roundtable

Our CEO, Pete Zimek, has been optimizing websites for over a decade. He joined a group of our customers for a roundtable to discuss on-site SEO as well as some external signals that associations could look out for.

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