There are a couple of ways to add a custom message to transactions (invoices and sales receipts) that are created within both Novi AMS and QuickBooks.

This article will cover the following:

One-Off Message on a Single Transaction

If you'd like to add a one-off message to an invoice or sales receipt, you can do so inside of QuickBooks.  Simply open the transaction record, look for the "Message displayed on invoice" or "Message displayed on sales receipt" field, add your custom message, and save.

Messages on Dues Invoices & Sales Receipts

Novi AMS gives you the ability to automatically add a custom message for all dues transactions. This can be customized by member type. Go to the member type on the backend, click on the Settings tab & scroll down until you get to the Accounting section.

Learn more about the "Message Displayed on Invoice" field, including how you can add the Membership Period Start Date and New Expiration Date using merge fields.

Transaction Templates

If you would like to customize the text that is visible on all transactions, updating your transaction template within QuickBooks may be the best option. "Sales Forms" that are updated in QuickBooks will automatically sync over to Novi AMS.

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