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Limited User in QuickBooks

Learn how to designate a person as a "limited" user in QuickBooks Online so that they can edit invoices without seeing full financials.

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In some organizations, it is common for non-accounting staff to edit invoices in a one-off manner.  With QuickBooks Online, it is possible to give a staff person access to customer data without exposing all of your expenses or financials to them.  Changes made inside of QuickBooks will by synced back to Novi. 

While this is a business decision that only your organization can make, the steps below will show you how to setup a limited user should you choose to do so.


  • Gear Icon in QuickBooks

  • In the company settings, click Manage Users

  • Select Custom User

  • Choose Limited and select "Customers"

Limited User = Limited Access

You'll notice in the screen shot below that limited users will have limited access.  Also, you can take comfort knowing that QuickBooks tracks most actions within their audit log.

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